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With permanent make-up we can naturally make your eyebrows fuller, wider, thinner, tighter or darker or even lift the eyebrow. In short, we can give your eyebrow a different shape. You can also camouflage any scars and you can make thinly plucked eyebrows beautiful again. Permanent makeup for the eyebrows is a godsend for people who find it difficult to draw an even eyebrow. The hairstroke eyebrow is a very popular technique. There is a choice of different types of techniques:


Types of techniques

  • 3D hairstroke: With the 3D hairstroke eyebrow technique, very fine hairs are drawn, so that no one sees that it is permanent make-up.

  • Ombre eyebrow: A new trend is the Ombre eyebrow where the base of the eyebrow is applied in a lighter complexion and lighter than the belly and tail of the eyebrow.

  • Shadow method: The shadow technique is the best for older ladies, or ladies with a softer face. This makes the eyebrow nice and full, soft and powdery.

The perfect eyebrows with permanent make-up in your vicinity

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PMU Eyebrow

PMU Cosmetics is a specialist in permanent make-up. Do you suffer from thin eyebrows, do you not like the shape or are they too light and are you tired of drawing your eyebrows every day?  With permanent make-up it is possible to create beautiful eyebrows in a very natural way. Result? You always have beautiful eyebrows, whether you swim, get out of bed or go to the beach.

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It is perfect time for 
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The treatment

The pigmentation of the eyebrows is done in three treatments. The reason for this is that the pigments, unlike ink used for tattooing, are transparent. By layering the color, just like watercolor, we intensify the color.
Another reason why you have to come back three times is that we really want to work in the dermis, this is the skin layer in which the permanent make-up eventually fades. That's important, because the eyebrows you want today may not be what you want when you're 80.
Moreover, the colors do not stay beautiful for your entire life, just think of a tattoo. Although this is pigmented with opaque ink, these colors will not remain the same color for life as on the day the tattoo was done.
Sometimes you see providers who only offer one or two treatments within the treatment price. Then remember that they often work too deep into the connective tissue layer where tattooing is also done, and that in a few years you will therefore have discolored eyebrows that do not fade sufficiently.

You are supposed to come back once every year or two for a follow-up treatment to maintain your permanent make-up. If you don't, you can count on your permanent make-up to be visible for five years. So it is actually semi-permanent.
Perhaps you are now wondering how you will look after the first treatment? Almost all photos that can be found under our portfolio were taken immediately after the first treatment. So you do have a good result immediately.
About five days after the treatment, the color becomes 40% lighter. That will be treated again during the second treatment and during the third treatment only the dots will be put on the I.

Instruction video permanent make-up

What customers say

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PMU Cosmetics is a member of the Dutch Foundation for Registered Permanent Make-up Specialists (NSGP). The NSGP was established to assist consumers in finding a qualified permanent makeup (PMU), medical pigmentation (MP) specialist or an all-round PMU specialist. To become a member, an exam at Master's level must be taken. With this you can be assured that the knowledge and implementation of permanent make-up by PMU Cosmetics is of a high level. To remain a member, the specialist must attend Masterclasses annually to keep up with her level of knowledge of the latest developments.

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