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Instruction video permanent make-up

  • How long does permanent makeup last?
    Permanent make-up is applied less deeply than, for example, a tattoo. Permanent make-up is inserted into the dermis, not too deep into the skin. This way the color remains most visible, but the colors do fade under the influence of UV radiation. It is therefore important to apply an SPF 30 over your face and PMU. This way it stays beautiful longer. Usually a follow-up treatment is necessary once every one and a half years. Maintaining your PMU is not expensive! Some colors, such as black, remain clearly visible. An eyeliner usually stays good much longer, sometimes forever!
  • Is applying permanent makeup painful?
    Applying can sometimes be painful, but most find it very easy. You can also numb the skin with EMLA cream. This is a cream that you can get from the pharmacy through your doctor. You should apply this cream at least one hour before the treatment. Except with an eyeliner. The cream ensures that the worst irritation of the treatment is gone.
  • What if the permanent makeup fades?
    Then you can have a post-treatment done. You can find the costs of this under the rates. Usually eyebrows are updated after a year and a half.
  • What if I want to have permanent make-up done once?
    You can, because the PMU fades naturally. PMU Cosmetics works extremely professionally and carefully chooses the right color, so that you are not left with orange or gray eyebrows. However, most people find the PMU so beautiful that they no longer want to do without it. It offers so many advantages over applying make-up every day, which makes people opt for an after-treatment.
  • I had permanent makeup done somewhere else. Can I then contact PMU Cosmetics?
    Yes, you can, even if your old PMU has not been applied properly, we can do a lot for you. We can remove your old PMU, provided it is not applied too deeply. If this is the case, you must first have the old PMU lasered away. We can also transform orange, blue or gray eyebrows into beautiful specimens that have a beautiful color again. If you want to know what we can do for you, make an appointment for a free intake!
  • I want natural eyebrows, is that possible?
    That's certainly possible, that's exactly what PMU Cosmetics is good at. We can adapt very well to your wishes due to the different techniques, shade or hairstrokes and the many different natural colors. Get informed by making an appointment for a free intake!
  • I want a natural eyeliner, is that possible?
    Yes you can, because of the different techniques. We can put a natural, a soft and a tight eyeliner. Eyeliners can be applied in different sizes and all kinds of colors, but also in different shapes and ends. Let us inform you about the possibilities through a free intake!
  • Why do I have to come back three times for the treatment?
    You get the best results in three treatments. The first time you lose between 30% and 60% of the pigment that is introduced into the skin. This will be supplemented in the second treatment and it will also be discussed with you whether you are satisfied with the shape after the first treatment. During the third treatment, the dots are put on the I and you leave the house completely according to your wishes! Some salons indicate that you are ready in one or two treatments! There the chaff is separated from the wheat! If PMU is applied too deep into the skin, the pigments used become too cool. That is why PMU Cosmetics does not work too deeply. You therefore always lose some pigment after the first treatment. This is supplemented at the right depth so that you get a beautiful and long-lasting result. In order for the pigment to have a beautiful color, you come back to PMU Cosmetics three times within the treatment price. This way you are assured of a beautiful result!
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