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permanent makeup


  • Infralash eyeliner: this is a line between the eyelash hairs, which is very subtle and creates a very natural and expressive glance. The infralash fills up the mascara.

  • Infrashadow eyeliner: this is a thicker eyeliner that runs smoothly

  • Graphic eyeliner: this is a sleek wide eyeliner

  • Bambi eyeliner: This is an eyeliner that consists of multiple colors. For example, a black Infralash with an ocean blue soft eyeliner

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What customers say

permanente make-up review
permanente make-up review



With permanent make-up you can also have a permanent eyeliner applied. This can be done with a black pigment, but you can also opt for a black eyeliner that blends into another color.

It is very nice to have the color of your iris reflected in the eyeliner, or to choose a contrasting color, so that your eye color comes out even better. For the most natural result, choose an Infralash.

This is a line between the eyelash hairs, which gives you a more striking glance, without the eyeliner being clearly visible. You can choose a thin or wide eyeliner.

You can also opt for a soft or tight eyeliner. We discuss your wishes in advance in a consultation.

Instruction video permanent make-up

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