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What is Microneedling?

Microneedling is the best treatment to keep your skin young! Microneedling is even advised by cosmetic doctors for keeping the dynamic areas in the face young and tight.

Microneedling is a technique in which holes are made in the dermis with an electrical device, a dermapen with a head with needles. Think pin pricks, but in the face. Prior to the treatment, anesthesia is applied to the skin, so that the treatment is not painful. In response to the minescule holes in the dermis, the body produces an enormous amount of elastin and collagen. The cells that ensure young and elastic skin and of which we produce less and less as we get older. The skin becomes “lazy” as it were and with the help of microneedling the skin is stimulated and awakened.

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Everyone thinks it's wonderful and thinks I have a different face (positive).  It turned out to be 100% better than expected, but this is due to the good guidance! My thanks for that.

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Microneedling is very suitable for:

  • Improving deep and fine wrinkles

  • Reducing pigment spots

  • Reducing the sagging skin under the chin

  • Reducing sagging skin at the temples

  • Refining coarse pores

  • Refreshing the skin complexion

  • Improving the skin texture

  • Improving traumatic scars

  • Improving acne scars

Hyaluronic acid is used during the treatment. This is a body's own protein and we can therefore also insert it from the outside using the needles. Hyaluronic acid has the ability to retain a lot of moisture and therefore moisturizes the skin very well. The combination of microneedling and hyaluronic acid results in a skin that becomes tighter, softer, with a thinner epidermis and therefore fewer impurities, fewer pigment spots and a radiant complexion. It has been scientifically proven that creams and serums can only reach a small part of the dermis. With the help of the needles of the dermapen, much of the hyaluronic acid reaches the dermis. After the treatment, the skin will be a little red for about two days and may even flake a little. Microneedling keeps the epidermis nice and thin, so that serums used after the treatment are also better absorbed.

Microneedling for improving scars

The healing of scars takes place in 3 phases, with the 1st phase consisting of closing the wound against external infections. The 3rd phase is the static phase, in which scars sometimes do not heal properly, for example due to the pressure that has been on the scar. This is common in limbs that move a lot. With microneedling, small holes are made in the scar, so that the scar is brought back to phase 1 of wound healing. Only this time there is no more pressure on the scar. After all, the skin is already closed. This allows scars to be made more beautiful. Especially with burns, people experience that there is much less pressure and a tight feeling in the scar.

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