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Permanent Lip Makeup


permanent makeup


Permanent makeup for the lips can make asymmetrical lips look symmetrical, can make narrow lips appear fuller and can add color to sallow lips. The pigments for the lips are very diverse from real brighter lipstick colors to very natural colors, where others do not notice that you have permanent make-up to correct the shape or color of your lips. When the skin around the lips becomes more wrinkled, it becomes increasingly difficult for lipstick to stay in the right place. Permanent makeup for the lips offers a very nice solution here.

The upper lip is usually thinner than the lower lip. You can balance this with permanent make-up. Permanent make-up is also a very nice addition to filling the lips with a filler. For people with cleft lip and palate, permanent make-up for the lips is a nice addition to cleft lip and palate surgery.

The perfect lips with permanent make-up in your immediate vicinity

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You can choose a lip line, a lip shadow and full lips.


  • The lip line is a line on the edge of the lips.

  • A lipshadow is a line on the edge of the lips that is shaded to the center. This technique is especially suitable for embellishing the shape of the lips. It also gives a kind of Ombré effect, from a tint to the natural lip color. See the photos below as an example.

  • Full-lips is the complete coloring of the lips. This technique is especially suitable for people who want to enhance both the shape and the entire color of the lips.

Our recommendation

The pigmentation of the lips takes place in two to three treatments. You are entitled to three treatments within the treatment price, but often two treatments are sufficient for a good result.
The advantage of permanent make-up over fillers is that the lips look fuller without looking filled. It gives a more natural result than fillers.
If you want to know if permanent make-up for the lips is something for you, schedule a free intake of 15 minutes.


permanente make-up review
permanente make-up review
permanente make-up review

Instruction video permanent make-up



PMU Cosmetics is a member of the Dutch Foundation for Registered Permanent Make-up Specialists (NSGP). The NSGP was established to assist consumers in finding a qualified permanent makeup (PMU), medical pigmentation (MP) specialist or an all-round PMU specialist. To become a member, an exam at Master's level must be taken. With this you can be assured that the knowledge and implementation of permanent make-up by PMU Cosmetics is of a high level. To remain a member, the specialist must attend Masterclasses annually to keep up with her level of knowledge of the latest developments.

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