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permanente make-up, PMU Cosmetics salon

About PMU Cosmetics

At PMU Cosmetics you can go for expert and result-oriented treatments in the field of permanent make-up, medical pigmentation, scar and wrinkle improvement through microneedling, eyelash lifting and Henna brow styling.

permanente make-up, PMU Cosmetics

Elsa Smit is the owner and founder of PMU Cosmetics and once started as a beautician and has completed a specialization in make-up. With her you are in safe and expert hands. She works according to the latest methods and techniques in the field of applying permanent make-up. She has followed the most extensive and expert training that exists in the Netherlands in the field of permanent make-up and is mainly concerned with permanent make-up.

permanente make-up, Elsa Smit

Elsa Smith

Owner and founder of PMU Cosmetics

permanente make-up, PMU Cosmetics specialist

Trained by Irma Hulscher, guru of permanent make-up, Elsa can help you get the best out of yourself in a very expert way. Elsa applies permanent make-up every day, because it is her passion, so you can be sure that you have chosen a specialist for the realization of your wishes. In addition to working in her own salon, she also worked as a PMU specialist for Irma Hulscher in Almere.

Elsa is an expert in correcting old permanent make-up and can make many beautiful corrections without having to remove the old permanent make-up by laser or liquid. For customers who do not want to remove first, her expertise offers a nice way to get beautiful eyebrows again. There are countless examples of this on Google, Instagram and Facebook!

PMU Cosmetics Google reviews

My experience with PMU Cosmetics is very positive. I had been to another studio before and was dissatisfied with my eyebrows. The color was not well chosen and the atmosphere was also unpleasant. At PMU Cosmetics I was warmly welcomed, there was time for me

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permanente make-up review
permanente make-up review
permanente make-up review
permanente make-up review



PMU Cosmetics is a member of the Dutch Foundation for Registered Permanent Make-up Specialists (NSGP). The NSGP was established to assist consumers in finding a qualified permanent makeup (PMU), medical pigmentation (MP) specialist or an all-round PMU specialist. To become a member, an exam at Master's level must be taken. With this you can be assured that the knowledge and implementation of permanent make-up by PMU Cosmetics is of a high level. To remain a member, the specialist must attend Masterclasses annually to keep up with her level of knowledge of the latest developments.

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